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Italian is a beautiful and expressive language which is famous for it’s body language. We are kindly given phrases in Italian which may come in useful when you’re out there and want to impress the locals. Enjoy!



Morto un Papa se ne fa un Altro

Death of a Pope is elected to another

used to say there are always other possibilities in life & to move on

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Italians use this phrase ultimately when someone is going through grief, usually a romantic separation. ‘Morto un Papa se ne fa un Altro‘ is a way to say, you know what, there are many other doors so be open to walk through them.


Cosa ti sei Fumato!

What are you smoking

used when someone isn’t making any sense

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This is used by Italians when the speaker is confusing them. ‘Cosa ti sei Fumato!‘ is a funny way to say to someone, maybe you should think about what you’re saying.


Ciao raga, Come butta?

Hey guys, What’s up?

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If you’ve made some friends and eager to practice try out  ‘Ciao raga, Come butta?‘. Your friends will love you for it.



Chiudi il Becco!

Shut up!

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Use ‘Chiudi il Becco! when someone is getting a bit too much and needs to stop talking. In Italy, like most of the world, it’s the way you say it not what you say that gets the desired effect.



Sei un Accollo!

You are a burden!

used when you should let go of someone

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In Italy as with everywhere else, when you need to say goodbye to someone it’s useful to know what to say. Italians use ‘Sei un Accollo!‘ when it’s time to part ways.


Sono Come Culo e Camicia

They are like ass and shirt

used to describe two people that spend a lot of time together

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This funny phrase translates interestingly. Listen out for ‘Sono Come Culo e Camicia‘ when people are jokingly referring to two people getting close.


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